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Apeejay Surrendra Group owns and operates impressive commercial, residential, educational, hotels, spas, restaurants, mixed use properties, warehousing, logistics, industrial parks and fully furnished serviced offices & co-working spaces across India.

Apeejay Real Estate (ARE) manages Group’s commercial, residential, educational, retail, mixed use properties, fully furnished serviced offices, furnished apartments, co-working, warehousing and industrial spaces in 7 states and 8 cities of India through three company divisions – Commercial Property Leasing & Management ; Business Centres ; Warehousing & Industrial Parks.

The Commercial Property Leasing Management division manages approximately 1 million sq ft of commercial and retail spaces.

The Warehousing & Industrial Park division manages approximately 3.2 million square feet, in India with one of them near Delhi under the brand name, Apeejay Global Logistics Park.

The Business Centres division manages fully furnished offices, plug-n-play offices and co-working spaces under the brand name, Apeejay Business Centre.

Apeejay Real Estate is backed by Apeejay Surrendra Group’s network of property development experts and the company seamlessly integrates conceptualising, purchasing, planning, developing, managing, leasing and divesting of Group’s property projects.

Apeejay Real Estate operates on a unique model that combines design, project planning and development expertise in project construction & execution and the company widely recognised for setting a benchmark in quality control and aesthetics and for its constant efforts to keep abreast of latest developments in the construction business.

Engaging architects and design consultants of international repute towards enhancing customer experience, Apeejay Real Estate ensures that all real estate developments across geographies and industry segments are synonymous with highest levels of innovation and product excellence.

ARE has built deep customer relationships over decades, some of them being Select Fortune 500 brands in its Commercial properties, Warehousing & Industrial Parks and Business Centres.



Shouvik Mandal
Chief Executive Officer
15 Park Street, Kolkata 700016
T:  91 33 4403 5599
E: shouvikmandal@apeejaygroup.com

Our Toll Free
1800 274 1112