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We believe that Education is a powerful force for social change as it empowers individuals and their families, enriches communities and ultimately uplifts societies. The Apeejay Trust [Est. 1974], the Apeejay Education Association [Est. 1984] and the Apeejay Education Trust [Est. 1977] have made notable investments over the years in creating knowledge institutions and supporting the aspirations of deserving candidates through school and higher learning.

To contribute to the nation's development through various education support programs has been our target and a number of initiatives have been initiated towards achieving those, notably the Anand Paul Education Support Program [Est. 2010] , Social Sector Initiatives Program [Est. 2005 ] and previously, The Paul Foundation [Est. 2001] for supporting the aspirations of deserving students through scholarships for higher learning. Ambika Charitable Trust [Est. 1973] and Anand Welfare Trust [Est. 1990] fund various city and national level cultural and learning initiatives pan India. Apeejay Schools in Kolkata, West Bengal, Apeejay Institute of Hospitality in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and proposed Apeejay Knowledge Park in Bhubaneswar, Orissa are some of the other Group initiatives in Education. We have no other Schools or Institutions run in any other region in India or overseas bearing our brand name.

“The support to education is part of the value system of the Apeejay Surrendra Group. We believe that education will build a better future for all. Through our schools we hope to make education an enjoyable and stress free process of learning that nurtures the talent of each individual and enables her to grow into a responsible, productive and positive human being and an asset to the nation. We realize that India's asset is its talented young people and our support [scholarships through the Paul Foundation and directly to IIMs} has been directed at honing and nurturing these talents. We want to create the conditions under which young people can seek new ways of exploring knowledge frontiers and develop their potential and we hope that eventually some of them would be the thought leaders of tomorrow” - Mrs Shirin Paul
(an excerpt from Chairperson Emeritus’s message in the Living Responsibly report published 2006-07)

Apeejay Education

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