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We strongly believe that symbols of our culture and heritage should be valued and preserved as they enrich communities and are also critical to societies for envisioning their futures.

Maintaining, preserving or restoring places of historic importance is a way of ensuring that their history lives on and that the public understands their significance and has ongoing access to these places. Similarly, preserving and promoting traditional arts and crafts has always been a matter of importance for us.

We believe that traditional arts and crafts emphasize cultural identity, inspire contemporary creative design and most notably, reflect the inherent human need for beauty, harmony and joy. It is with these objectives in mind that we support organizations, projects, people, places and events that keep our tradition and culture alive.

Our belief is that the arts must be nurtured and valued because it enriches people and communities and is critical to shaping the future of our society.

The Apeejay Surrendra Group is committed to providing a platform for public access to the experience of art in India. When art is given unconstrained space to explore and express itself, it reflects a culture that is embracing of change and accepting of new ideas.

In a society that is not always open to exploration and the unconventional, we aim to make spaces for artists to unravel fresh ideas and look for new ways in which to express themselves. As one of India’s most significant patrons of the Arts, we will continue to promote, exhibit and create new spaces for artistic interpretation, possibilities and dialogue.