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We look for Talent at

Entry Level :
Fresh and professionally qualified candidates in various streams are recruited from reputed institutes.

Employee referrals on Internal job postings are given preference while the reach of the corporate website is used and other external sources explored.

Senior-Level :
Efforts are made to fill up senior-level positions with in-house talent, available anywhere in the Group. If needed, lateral recruitments are made from external sources.

We focus on skill enhancement and talent development at all levels, through offsite/onsite leadership and team-building programs as part of the elaborate Talent Management process.

The overriding objective of our human resource function is to effectively manage our people asset and align their professional goals with the corporate agenda of our various businesses. We have outlined a clear and exciting roadmap for measuring the efficacy of our businesses and people. To that end, we have implemented a successful online performance management system, balanced score cards, leadership competency profiling and 360 degree feedback mechanisms that enable continuous benchmarking of performance at all management levels.

Talent Management:

Talent Management is an elaborative process at Apeejay Surrendra Group.


Ramakrishn Ghosh
General Manager- HRD
15 Park Street, Kolkata 700016
T: + 91 33 4403 5647