Apeejay Surrendra Group announces the Winners of the ‘Apeejay India Volunteer Awards 2011’ on 25th Sept

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Apeejay Surrendra Group announces the Winners of the ‘Apeejay India Volunteer Awards 2011’ - Read more

The Finalists were :
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EAST INDIA - Nishtha  
All of the NGOs projects,gender diversity and inclusive farming , are volunteer based an volunteer driver. It is the volunteers who act as a peer educator, community mobilizer, main stake holder, local leaders, liaison, spokespersons of peers and groups.. The strong and able volunteers are local level decision makers of Nishtha and they identify the needs and analyse the situations and after prioritizing those, they suggest the issues of activities of the NGO.
They are entrusted with the responsibilities of playing an active role in the planning, implementation, monitoring, and review in all projects/ programmes. There are different groups of volunteers of different age groups, for example from 7-10, 11-18, 19-55 and above 55 years. each group of volunteers has their own club with separate responsibilities. The youth volunteers have a Federation. The volunteers have built up a cadre called - Balak – Balika Vahinis with children of the age group- 6-11; Kishor-Kishori Vahinis of adolescent girls and boys respectively of the age group 11-18; Mahila Mandals with women of the age group 19-55 and Senior Women’s group with women above the age of 55.
EAST INDIA - Operation Smile  
Operation Smile creates Medical Missions to correct facial deformities especially cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries by skilled doctors who volunteer and conduct these expensive surgeries free of cost to all beneficiaries in large numbers in remote areas of India and all around the world.
Volunteers are the face of Operation Smile. The NGO does a truly remarkable work basis the strengthen of its volunteers who are highly trained medical professionals and an organization that functions on the work put in by its volunteers and ensures that the volunteers also gain from this experience. It has the requisite checks and balances in place to ensure only capable persons volunteer, a volunteer policy and volunteer management structure that is highly commendable is in place leading to the very best service provided to the patients who on their own would not be able to access this kind of specialized and highly expensive surgeries. Their newest care centre run by Volunteers is in Guwahati, Assam

NORTH INDIA - Protsahan India Foundation  
The NGO is a completely volunteer driven organization , an initiative of 7 like minded young individuals who are promoting volunteering through using social media including facebook and twitter where they have over 2000 active members online. The core members mentor the volunteers and its Volunteer program is very flexible and thus encourages people from all backgrounds ranging from criminology, engineering to life sciences to get involved with them.
As it strides towards achieving its mission of encouraging education and social development through art and creativity, the NGO has brought into its fold house-wives and senior citizens to work on myriad projects like Educate India , Sustainability for Women, Restoring Artisans honour and Remedial training for immigrants.
NORTH INDIA - YP Foundation  
The Mission of the NGO is to promote, protect and advance young people’s human rights by building leadership and strengthening youth led initiatives and movements. Its Volunteer Policy is Comprehensive, detailed and focused and Engagement of young people as volunteers is part of the vision of the organisation.
150 volunteers were inducted last year, trained over an extended period of up to 3 months for implementing awareness, skill building and advocacy programs for 30000 last year’s achievement other young people. Volunteers are thus the core operating staff of the organisation.Management processes of volunteers are clearly spelt out and well understood by the small group of staff of the organisation with an approach of review and improvement part of their culture. Volunteers conduct research studies on issues of gender and sexuality, empowering street and slum children, the RTI act and mechanisms for good governance, promoting Independent art forms and media advocacy. Volunteers also implement public workshops, forums, festivals on the above issues reaching out every year to over 2,000 young people in the NCR region.

SOUTH INDIA - Dream a Dream  
Engaging 668 volunteers who have contributed over 13,700 volunteer hours through diverse volunteering projects, Dream A Dream ongoing engagement with volunteers in skill based volunteering and event based volunteering is based on a sturdy system of Volunteer Training and Engagement Processes. With this as its backbone, the NGO is able to achieve progressively its aim of empowering children from vulnerable backgrounds with life skills, sensitizing community towards creating a nondiscriminatory society where unique differences are appreciated.
SOUTH INDIA - Vidya Poshak  
Covering 19 districts in Karnataka and 5 in Maharashtra, Vidya Poshak has worked with over 677 volunteers, 15000 students and hundreds of teachers and parents every year to empower the educational community. Reaching out to Rural South India, its volunteers participate in myriad projects where meritorious students from underprivileged background are backed with financial assistance,
Ensuring immense experiences of inspired volunteers who branch out and think on behalf of their mission, Vidya Poshak has a multiple effect with volunteers setting up libraries for children being benefitted from Vidya Poshak support and conducting residential camps to build their personality and orientation. The involvement with and developing the Volunteering aspect is so evident in everything this NGO does which could serve as a role model for others in the country.

WEST INDIA - Great Foundation  
Growing from a mere 6 volunteers to 30 volunteers over the past three and half years backed by a well documented Volunteer Policy, the Global Research Education and Training Foundation engages with underprivileged communities towards empowering them through education support.
This includes lessons in English and Maths, vocational pursuits like dance and through classes and competitions, sessions on etiquette and career guidance. Great Foundation has been able to enable children to enhance their knowledge of career options so that they could become self reliant early in life and its Volunteers are its mainstay.
WEST INDIA - Salam Balak Trust  
The NGO’s Volunteer engagement policies have ensured a steady stream of long term Volunteers which is admirable and replicable by others. Salaam Balak Trust provides a wholistic safety net of services to street children within an environment that is conducive to optimum development thus aiming to mainstream them.
Volunteers of these NGOs have made a huge difference to their efficiency and achievement of mission. Completely engaged with the NGO , its Volunteers have formulated policies and procedures, registered the NGO with important organizations and sites, prepared fund raising and funding proposals, wrote feedback reports, created educational curriculum, taught children under their care to use innovative methods, providing them with general counseling and Life Skills training.