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We believe that 'Living Responsibly' must be understood and imbibed at the very basic Individual level of the societal pyramid. We believe that if this could be adopted as a value and made part of business process, then the Group, Group companies and our people would deliver "more" to stakeholders.

Individual Social Responsibility™ (ISR™) is a term coined by the employees and it describes the process by which we have extended the vision and mission of our Corporate Social Responsibility to all individuals in our workforce since 2007~2008 when it was made into a Policy.

The Individual Social Responsibility™ programme runs parallel to our Corporate Social Responsibility programs. We stress, to our employees and new joinees the value of enrolling into the Individual Social Responsibility™ programme that encourages volunteering of their time and skills. By doing so, Apeejay shareholders and employees endeavor to, individually as citizens and collectively as a corporate, reach out beyond business to connect with the community.

We have witnessed many positive outcomes of the Individual Social Responsibility™ initiative. Many different employees, in many different ways, took Individual Social Responsibility™ to new levels and did us proud. From new hires to senior management, all employees take ISR™ as a personal goal. Together all across the divisions and cities employees have volunteered their time and effort to bring about a change in society that they would want to see.

Particularly the concept of skills-based volunteering is what our focus is. The definition of skills encompasses all kinds of skills not only high level professional skills, thus ensuring that the bulk of employees are engaged. The ISR™ programme focuses as much on building capacity in our own employees as it does in the NGOs they support. Such a support helps our people realize that indeed, each one of them could “be the change they want to see.” The programme provides them with opportunities to extend themselves beyond their own personal goals, commitments and pressures and helpes them align with the larger social realities that exist outside their individual spheres. As we work harder every year to make the program more inclusive , it is the value to community, employees and Group itself that is the most significant.



Anirban Dutta
Program Lead
T: +91  98303 68975